The Raptor System

The Raptor is a smart test set designed as the definitive solution for the main primary test applications required in the commissioning and maintenance of substations, marking the difference with respect to existing equipment now being used. This new generation of Primary Injection Test System makes primary testing easier, faster and more convenient.
The system consists of a Master unit which can be upgraded with up to three Slave sets which add further power capacity to the system. The user is not limited to the power initially determined. In case of more power required, Raptor sets can be added, or what is also very important, be left behind when not needed.
In comparison with the big and heavy traditional variac-based equipment, the Raptor is designed incredibly smaller and lighter than its predecessors, combining a revolutionary high current generation technology, DSP based, with an automatic smart control, in a really transportable set, less than 35 Kg and able to inject up to 15,000 A.
An additional advantage to the easy transport is that sets can be much closer to the devices tested, reducing the length of cables, and a significant decrease in power losses by eliminating intermediate connections, thanks to the new loopthrough concept. The sets have in the middle a hole to pass through the cable which is connected to the load, forming in this way the injection circuit.



Efficient Power

The maximum current is independent of the number of sets forming the system (except for C-05), being the compliance voltage and power available what changes according to a flexible configuration of the system by the user.

The modern high-tech design of the Raptor system enables the highest level of injection capability in terms of power and duty cycle, with a ease of use so far known in this type of equipment. A light handheld control console allows the user to fully monitor and control all the test process, including the storage of results and test configuration tools for a quick and convenient testing.

The Raptor system provides automatic regulation of the magnitude to be injected, being stable regardless of the load change. Current output range is adjusted at all times according to application, taking advantage of the modularity and versatility of the concentration of measurement and control functions in the Raptor Master unit, with a unique capacity to adjust the voltage and current required through the number of spire turns used.

The Raptor also includes a powerful measurement section, extending the number of testing applications. Raptor system includes factory configured tests, to automatically perform a large amount of the most common testing, just by selecting the appropriate template and start the test. The user has also the possibility to easily make or modify test templates.